Popya With Kondja Veii

Born in the capital of the State of Michigan, Lansing, in the United States of America (USA) from an American mother and Namibian father, Kondja Veii, grew up in Windhoek and she is the current Miss Namibia USA. Veii attended her school at Emma Hoogenhout Primary School. She was supposed to further her Grade 8 at Windhoek High school but due to personal circumstances beyond her control she moved to the United Kingdom (UK).

“My parents were in university when I was born so they sent me to live with family in Antigua, the Caribbean where my mother is from until they finished their studies. The family moved to Namibia where we lived for four years. My father then got an opportunity to continue his studies, so he moved our family to the UK (Guildford, Surrey) where we spent another four years. Unfortunately my parents divorced and I (at the age of 13) along with my mother and siblings moved to the states, where I’ve been ever since,” she says.

Veii describes herself as a very ambitious young woman who has learned a lot from life. “I’m proud to say that I know what I want out of life and I think I’m on my way to achieving those goals. I love to laugh and I love to see those around me happy. I’m very family oriented and this is the reason why I wake up every day and work towards greatness,” says Veii. She adds that when she was a teenager she used to be very outgoing, athletic and loved being around people and going to school functions. Her greatest challenge was being able to be herself. “Everyone wants to be liked and I used to get so nervous meeting new people for the fear of them not liking me, not fitting in. But at this point in my life, I’ve learned that you’re not always going to be someone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. Stay true to who you are and at the end of the day, they may not like you but they’ll have no choice but to respect that aspect of you,” says Veii.

She looks up to her parents for daily motivation. “I live in the states and my dad’s in Namibia but we talk a lot on skype and I’ll update him with things that are going on and not once has he ever discouraged me from doing what I want. He is always encouraging me. The fact that my mom is still working so hard to take care of her kids and herself motivates me. Also not being where I want to be as yet is a reminder for me to keep at it and keep motivated. I also have younger siblings who I know are watching and I want to be an example and somebody they look up to,” she says.

Currently Veii is studying for a bachelor’s degree in International Business in Washington DC and is also working on projects towards her cause of helping children in Namibia living with and orphaned by AIDS. She represented Namibia at the Miss Africa USA beauty pageant which took place earlier this year. “Namibia has one of the highest numbers of HIV and AIDS victims, the AIDS epidemic is a problem and I would like to change that, lower that, especially among children,” she determines. Veii adds that one of her weaknesses is that she gets frustrated easily. “I like to see results and get feedback with anything I do. Nothing is more frustrating than working so hard and putting forth so much energy and not seeing progress. That’s frustrating and discouraging for me. But that’s something I’m working on and trying to improve about myself,” she says adding that everyday should be about learning and growth.

Veii encourages the youth to plan for the future. “Have a plan and write it down. Create a ‘goal board’ of short termlong term goals. Write them down! Because when you see them on paper, it’s like a reminder of why you’re working so hard. Also go to school and get a degree (emphasis) at the end of the day life is unpredictable. So whatever life throws at you at least you have your degree to fall back on,” Veii ends her motivation of fellows.

Source : New Era