Popya With Marion [opinion]

“As youths we are leaders and we have got to stand for what we believe in,” says ambitious female model, Marion Ugams (23), who is aiming high in the international modelling world.

Marion says every youth out there should be able to stand and take certain decisions as it relates to life and career. “Everyone around you has a plan for you and if you run along with what everyone wants you to be, you would be like chaff which the wind would drive in any direction it so pleases,” says Marion. Born and raised in Swakopmund, Marion completed her Matric in 2010 at the Swakopmund Secondary School and is currently employed as a Sales Person. “I grew up in an extended family sharing close bonds with all my family members. One of the core values that I have learned and still hold dearest to my heart is that respect starts from home. My grandmother is the epitome of a God fearing mother I would like to be in the future,” inspires Marion.

Marion says being down to earth, she enjoys taking long walks along the beach and spending time with her friends and family. “I am a very confident young lady with simple and clear ambitions. In life we have got to face different challenges but how you react towards them is all that matters. I do believe that to be able to be fully satisfied with anything you do, you should believe in yourself and be confident that you can achieve it,” she says.

Apart from aiming to be a top model, Marion is also planning to further her studies registering for the Bachelor of Finance and Accounting with the University of Namibia (Unam). Her core values are to believe and respect her family and to be inspired by other youths. “I do believe they would mould you into the best person that you can be. However, I also believe in being honest because through that trust can easily be earned. If you want to stay up with upright morals one should be God-fearing,” she says.

Marion says when it come to life, sometimes you need to serve to be served and until that is fulfilled, succeeding could be difficult but in all, there is nothing as good as being your own boss. “Youths, be focused, get a solid education, believe in yourself, be confident, be g, think of what you can do to make our country great. It is a long process but we can achieve success. Education is the greatest equaliser indeed,” she concludes.

Source : New Era