Popya With Naftali Nghishekwa

For 19-year old Naftali Nghishekwa living in the hostel for 12 years created a sense of responsibility in him at a relatively early stage and he missed out on nestling in the warmth of his parents.

Naftali attended three schools namely the People’s Primary School (PPS), Hochland High School (HHS) and Motacs College where he lived in the hostel at all the three schools. “Life in the hostel was very difficult, never had had my parents to check my homework, no lunchbox. I saw my parents only once a month and had to really learn how to make personal decisions and stand up for myself,” says Naftali.

He completed his Grade 12 at the age 18 in 2012 and the same year he met the owner of Dunefox, Edison Mwaamukanje, who saw potential in him and encouraged him go into the marketing field to sustain himself. “I do not want my children to go through what I did. I lost a lot of friends to be where I am today simply because we didn’t have the same goals and I had associate myself with people who think like me,” he says. Naftali believes that at his age, he has learned a lot but he still has a lot to learn and do. “Life is what you make out of it. Do not blame your parents when things don’t work out for you, they brought you into this world, so the rest is up to you. I’m happy where I am today but I shall live a mark,” he determines.

Five years from now, he wants to own his own company, provide employment opportunities and be one of the richest people in the country.”I’m determined, very ambitious and focused. I want to be remembered as one of the most hardworking people in Namibia. I want to make my mother proud so she does not have to ever worry about anything,” says Naftali, encouraging big dreamers out there to put their focus on achieving their dreams and goals. Naftali is currently a student at the Institute for Open Learning (IOL) and he also does marketing work at Dunefox.

Source : New Era