Popya With Shaun Katjivikua [analysis]

Ambitious, loyal, God fearing, fun and kind are probably some of the word you would use to describe 23 year-old Shaun Katjivikua.

Born and raised in Windhoek by a single mother, Katjivikua finished his Grade 12 in 2007 at the St Joseph’s High School Dobra with 23 points, and due to financial problems, he couldn’t further his studies and so he decided to find a job to support and take care of his mother, who couldn’t work anymore. In 2008, Katjivikua got his first job as a merchandiser at different stores such as Sheet Street, Crazy Stores, Mr Price and Gustav Voigts. He kept on migrating from one job to another to gain experience in the sales and marketing world. “My struggles in life has been poverty, I had rich relatives who would not want to help finance my studies, but with hard work, a vision, a smile, a humble heart and help from God, I believe a young boy or girl from any poor family will or can succeed,” he says.

Besides the struggles, Shaun went from being an ordinary self-party to one of the youngest sales representatives to run the most demanding trade of sales and marketing. “I have a dream of becoming a Managing Director of a huge company someday. I plan on furthering my studies in sales and marketing, so that I can achieve and accomplish all my dreams,” he visualises.

Katjivikua is now a sales representative for a commercial investment corporation in Windhoek. His message to the youth is to never associate themselves with the wrong crowd. “My mom ones told me, if you want become a thief, stay with thieves. If you want to become successful then you should stay with people who strive for success, and never forget to seek the Lord in your life as he will help guide your future.”

Source : New Era