Popya With Sophia Petrus [opinion]

The tall, beautiful and passionate Sophia Petrus is one of six siblings and was born in Windhoek in 1987 where she grew up.

She attended various primary schools starting at Auas till Grade Two and then Bet-El for her Grade Three to Five before switching to Van Rhyn Primary school where she completed her Grade Five. Sophia then enrolled at Eros Girls School where she attended and completed her Grade Ten before moving to South Africa where she completed her Grade Eleven and Twelve at the Carolina Akademiese Skool in the Mpumalanga Province. ” Growing up I was an athlete and competed in school meets in my years at Eros Girls’ School where I took part in the 100 and 400 metres run and long jump. When I left the school I held the record for the 100 metres and long jump. I could not continue with athletics in South Africa due to constant visa problems but would have loved to pursue the talent.”

Upon her return to Namibia, Sophia enrolled at Oxbridge Academy and studied tourism on distance, and now holds a diploma in Hotel and HR management. Over the years Sophia has grown a passion for tourism and is currently saving money to continue her studies. Sophia is currently the face of August 24????, a large textile company in Windhoek, a job she found in 2011. August 24????? four produce cloths and uniforms.

Today Sophia has ventured into modelling on the local scene with her family having high hopes for her to succeed on the modelling run way. Her Uncle still have hopes for her to return to the track but something Sophia is pondering very hard. “Growing up my Uncle used to train me and would run me against the boys in my neighbourhood, and up to today, he has that same passion and believe in my talent but with my current fill and responsibilities have put it on hold.’

Sophia is currently involved in a project her mother is running called The Wedding Ball. “The Wedding Ball is aimed at promoting love, unity and understanding about what and how relationships should be in order to generate happiness and success in life. No couple has ever enjoyed their wedding day because they were exhausted and the day seemed short. That’s why the idea of the Wedding Ball came up for couples to come in their wedding wear (attire) and enjoy the day like they had to on their wedding day. Whether they got married in the 40s,50s, etc. They are all welcome as long as they are married. And for those husbands that want to surprise their wives by renewing their vows by our motivational speaker Ds. Serfontein. And to bring back the spark in their marriage. Gifts will be received and it will be a day full of memories to be remembered.”

The ball will be attended by various motivational speakers and experts, the couples will enjoy some performance by Tequila and Bethold to make their nights more remember-able. Sophia plans into moving into tourism in the future as she has an immense love for customer services, and wishes to open her own salon or boutique in the future.

Sophia leaves these words for the Namibia youth: “Believe in yourself and in whatever you choose to do as this is the foundation that will strengthen in difficult times. To do the impossible you must see the invisible and not everyone will stand by you but hard work and faith will see you through.”

Source : New Era