Positive Outcome From Finland Mission

Trade and industry minister, Calle Schlettwein, has described the just-concluded trade and investment mission to Finland as a success.

Schlettwein said in an interview with Nampa on Sunday that the government of Finland once again showed that it is a true and trusted partner which will walk the country’s development agenda in terms of trade, industry investment and economic development with Namibia to gain a win-win situation.

Schlettwein said the business delegation has learned a lot from Finnish businesses during that visit.

“We have also learned that there are opportunities to exploit in areas where Finland has a competitive edge in Information Technology solutions, smart processes and manufacturing equipment in mining and manufacturing, which Namibia can partner up with on a joint way forward to improve the gains from the country’s natural resources.

With Finnish partners, we can exploit our raw materials in an efficient way and create value chains”, he said.

He said an agreement with Finnish authorities has been reached on business-to-business linkages so that they can jointly beneficiate raw materials and create value-chains which would enable Namibia to trade with Finnish products as well as in the global chain.

The objective of the trade mission was to confirm and exchange views at political and business level, which was achieved.

Schlettwein also met with Finnish prime minister Jyrki Katainen. Katainen said Namibia and Finland have a g and historic relationship dating back to Namibia’s struggle for independence.

“But currently, there are similarities in that both countries are interested in using their natural resources in a sustainable way, and that gives them new opportunities to upgrade their trade relationship to another height”, he said.

He said the two countries need to upgrade the trade relationship through using clean technology solutions, such as renewable energy.

Schlettwein and his delegation visited Helsinki, Tampare, Seinajoki and Rovaniem. The delegation also paid a business visit to Lannavaara, north of Sweden.


Source : The Namibian