Potholed Roads Upset Motorists

Residents of Rundu are tired of the heavily potholed roads in the town that result in motorists having to constantly repair their vehicles.

“Our roads are breaking up, we need to keep dodging the potholes. And the tarred road in the centre of the town is full of sand, which is dangerous as our cars skid when we apply brakes,” lamented Klemens Kandjimi a motorist.

Residents want the town council to look into the matter as they say they cannot continue driving on such bad road infrastructure.

Rundu Town Council’s public relations officer, Benjamin Makayi, acknowledged to New Era that the council has received complaints from the public and that the roads are in bad shape. He admitted that the roads need rehabilitation.

“We are aware that our roads need repairing and are looking into that, but we’re just waiting for the rains to stop,” he assured residents. But members of the public want the town council to pull up their socks and start work on the roads soonest.

Regarding sand on tarred roads, Makayi said a tender has been put out for cleaning the roads. On the stopping of construction work on the road that runs from the magistrate’s court to the Rundu Secondary School , Makayi said the reason why the work stopped was because the constructor failed to provide the consultant with the necessary information pertaining to road test results.

“The road must be tested for the consultant who is supervising the construction to determine whether you can go ahead with the specific gravel or the level of the road, and the measurements. If the consultant is not satisfied with the results it might delay you, so you must do it accordingly before you are paid. ”

Source : New Era