Power supply remains a problem: NamPower

WINDHOEK: The power supply situation in the country remains severely constrained due to a technical fault on one of the region’s transmission lines.

This has impacted on the 80 Megawatts (MW) power supply that Nampower receives from Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), Nampower ‘s Spokesperson Tangeni Kambangula said this in the statement issued to Nampa on Tuesday.

“The systems of our regional suppliers and transmission partners are under strain and as a result supply to Namibia is limited,”Kambangula said.

She added that the situation has resulted in the power deficits mainly during evening peak hours

Kambangula urged the nation to understand that as has been stated on numerous occasions, imports are not always reliable due to transmission system constraints and the fact that the power has to be wheeled through neighbourig countries over vast distances.

Namibia relies on electricity supply from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The spokesperson assured the nation that the national power utility together with the Ministry of Mines and Energy are working on fast tracking various short-term critical supply initiatives to supplement local generation capacity.

“While we continue to work on these initiatives to ensure security of supply, we appeal to all our customers and the nation to continue implementing electricity saving measures such as switching off air-conditioners, geysers and swimming pool pumps and all other non-essential applications during peak times to reduce the demand,” she said.

The peak hours are 06h00-09h00 in the morning and 18h00 – 21h00 in the evening.

Kambangula said the power utility pledged to keep all customers and public informed of any development regarding the situation.

Namibia import up to 80 per cent of electricity from Eskom.