Prayers Planned for Riruako

A public prayer session will be held today in Windhoek for Ovaherero Paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako, who remains in the intensive care unit of the Roman Catholic Hospital more than a week after he was hospitalized.

Riruako, who is also the president of NUDO, was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He was responding well to medication while a full recovery was expected, said family spokesperson Dr Hoze Riruako.

“Everybody who is interested is asked to meet at the Oruuano Church in Katutura today at 18h00 for a prayer session for the chief. We will also share some information with the public regarding his condition,” Riruako assured the public.

According to Riruako, the prayer and information session was necessitated following public interest.

“Many preachers wanted to go to the hospital to go and pray for him but as we all know he needs all the rest he can get at this point in time. Many people have also called enquiring about his condition, therefore we decided to have the prayer session,” said the younger Riruako.

He also urged for prayers from the entire nation.

Riruako said the medical team attending to the chief had managed to control the high blood pressure, but cautioned that the veteran politician’s age would play a role in the recovery.

“Initially he was given ten days in ICU, but we all know that due to his age he will not recover as fast as you and I. But he is expected to make a full recovery,” he said.

Riruako, who is one of Namibia’s veteran politicians and longest serving parliamentarian, was admited to hospital two days after celebrating his 79th birthday.

Source : New Era