Prime Minister condemns GBV labeling it barbaric acts of violence

WINDHOEK: Prime Minister (PM) Hage Geingob yesterday condemned gender-based violence (GBV), labelling it ‘barbaric acts of violence’.

Speaking during opening of the second National Conference on GBV, Geingob said the first quarter of this year has seen horrendous acts of violence and the unfathomed killing of women as well as dumping of new-born babies, describing it as ‘inhumane behaviour and utter disregard of human lives’.

He appealed to people to take time to empathise with family members of victims of these violent acts, saying as a result of these terrible crimes, many people’s ‘hearts have been wounde’ and their psyches have had to undergo unbearable trauma.

The PM said it is a situation that no human would want to be in, and those at the receiving end of such unfortunate events should receive adequate support and counselling.

He added that stakeholders tried to implement a number of recommendations from the first National Conference on GBV held in 2007, but they seem to have had little or no effect at all.

The three-day conference is being attended by various stakeholders, Cabinet ministers and members of the public.

It ends on Friday.