Prime Minus 4 Percent On John Deere

Hundreds of farmers descended this week on Summerdown in the Omaheke Region to take up Standard Bank’s fantastic offer of financing farming implements and tractors at Prime minus 4%. This offer was no April Fool’s joke, instead it is backed by the well-known Hoffmann’s Farm Implements of Otjiwarongo. Tractors may not be fast and imposing but they are indispensable to the farmer. And they are generally expensive. For this reason, Standard Bank designed a specific financing deal which was introduced this week at the Summerdown Agronomy Day.

John Deere Financial, Hoffmann’s Farm Implements and Standard Bank Namibia put together a financing package for farmers on tractors and farming equipment said Herman Coetzee of the bank’s Agriculture Division. “Financing on selected farm implements and John Deere farming equipment will be on offer at prime minus 4% as from 1 April until 30 April 2014. The offer is valid until 30 June 2014 on harvesting equipment. “This is truly an exciting offer and farmers cannot miss this opportunity,” said Coetzee “These partnerships move us forward and closer to assisting our farming communities around the country. The purpose of these collaboration agreements is to assist Standard Bank Namibia in growing its asset book, whilst John Deere seeks to grow its market share and footprint across Africa and in particular in Namibia,” said Standard Bank’s Agricultural Aisor Gerhard Mukuahima.

Source : Namibia Economist