’Prophetess’ Visits New Era With Unusual Message

The New Era office in Ongwediva received a rather surprising visit last week from Maria Imene, who says she is a “prophetess” who has been in constant spiritual conversation with God and was chosen in 1998 through a dream. The purpose of her visit, she revealed, was to inform the public of an urgent message she received “from God” that pastors should no longer wear black robes, as the colour black is associated with the Devil and the black gown transforms and overpowers members of the church with darkness.

Imene, from Onyuulaye village in Oshikoto Region and a member of the ELCIN church said the message, considered outlandish and quirky by observers, is just but one of the many messages she has to share with the public. “God is saying the nation is overpowered by darkness because the word of God is preached by people wearing black, so their lives will also be overcrowded with darkness,” she says.

Imene says she has now been instructed by God to light a spiritual fire at every church and thereafter no pastor wearing black would be allowed to enter a church where a spiritual fire was lit, alluding that it would restore the darkness that was cleansed out when the spiritual fire was lit. She alleged that although she was welcomed to light the spiritual fire in some churches it remains a challenge for her because many churches have labelled her a false prophet.

“It all started one day in 1998 when I was sleeping. I saw a kraal of animals and in the kraal were a cow with its calf and a sheep with its little lamb on one side. On the other side were people seated at a table drinking beer and calling me. It was then when Jesus told me that I am lucky to have been chosen to be a prophet. One day while praying I felt my body enlarging and that made me stop disputing my calling because I realized that I had a special connection with God,” Imene said of her spiritual anointment.

She further narrated that when she realised her connection with God she informed her family, who although at first were puzzled did not disown her. She disclosed that it hasn’t been an easy road as she has been criticised by the public and members of her home church of Etegameno in Oshikoto Region, but she is adamant that those are just mere stumbling blocks on her path to salvation.

Imene, who spoke excitedly of her spiritual conversations and the revelations that God made to her said pastors wearing black gowns when conducting service is one of the pertinent issues to be addressed with immediate urgency.

She said God wants to restore his people from the Devil, however, it will not be a success if the congregations continue to be led by pastors wearing black when serving the people of God.

Source : New Era