Protest by suspended local authority councilors and supporters expected to take place at Omaruru

OTJIWARONGO: A protest by suspended local authority councilors and their supporters is expected to take place at Omaruru on Wednesday.

One of the suspended councillors leading the preparations for the protest, Albertus !Naruseb told Nampa today that more than 300 people from his party, the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), will form part of the demonstration.

In total, about 500 people are expected to take part in the demonstration.

All seven councillors were suspended without pay by the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Charles Namoloh on 16 December 2013 after they allegedly failed to implement recommendations from his office.

!Naruseb called for more concerned community members to join the protest, which is aimed at demanding the immediate reinstatement of the suspended Omaruru town councillors.

Reacting to allegations going around Omaruru that the planned mass-protest might become violent, !Naruseb ruled out any possibility of violence during the march.

He also confirmed today that he is organising the peaceful demonstration with the help of other local opposition party leaders from the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) and United Democratic Front (UDF).

The march to the Omaruru Municipality head office in town will start at the Ozondje taxi rank.