Public-Private Partnership Bears Fruit

The Okakarara Woodcutting Project got a boost last week from FNB Namibia when they were officially handed over machinery and other support worth N$130,000.Dixon Norval, Group Head of Marketing and Communications at FNB Namibia said the project was a real team effort and a practical example of a public-private-partnership where the local community identified the opportunity, the FNB Foundation supplied funding for the venture and SME’s Compete up-skilled 13 local entrepreneurs to run the business.In his address Norval added that self-sustainability has become the order of the day, and that leaders and entrepreneurs have to become self-sustainable in order to survive in the long term.

He addressed the local entrepreneurs and said, “This means that you must not only make enough profit to have money to live on, but also provide for the maintenance and eventual replacement of the equipment and machinery as part of your financial plan and not return hat in hand to the community leaders or FNB in future. I trust that you were taught to do this as part of your business training.”

As part of the FNB Global United Climate Kick initiative in Namibia FNB Namibia is also a forerunner in aocating the preservation of earth’s fragile and beautiful environment. Norval added, “We must be conscious about preserving our planet for the future generations as enshrined in our Constitution. Therefore, wood cutting as a business should also be environmentally aware and sensitive.

You should not cut indigenous trees as they are protected by law and should be left for our children to enjoy. There are enough intruder bush and trees that can be exploited, which will in turn contribute to improving our farming environment and indigenous flora protection.”Norval was joined by Honorable Vetaruhe Kandorozu, Councilor of the Okakarara Constituency and Councilor Viakondo as well as Pastor Kanjeo, Mr. Danny Meyer of SMEs Compete welcomed the recently trained entrepreneurs and other dignitaries from the area.Meyer said, “FNB Namibia, through its Foundation is proud to partner with the political leadership of the Okakarara Constituency and town through this unique project. We are indeed delighted to see that the woodcutting project is finally becoming a reality, that people are trained and that the much needed machinery is now in place.”

Source : Namibia Economist