Putting People On Edge

Magreth Nunuhe

IS April the month of doom or the month of fools? On the first of April, everyone thought his or her jokerank was the smarter, until they realized later in the kasie that ‘grap maak ‘n krap’. I thought I had made it clear that somaga jokes are not for the fainthearted because eish, if you don’t have close friends in the force you are on your bloody own. I understand that some people thought it was a joke to distribute not very nice stories – meant to be a joke – about others’ ‘status’ and I don’t mean their bank balances or their professional positions. I won’t spell everything out for you – you know what I mean.

Now comes the news that an earthquake will kamma strike Namibia on Monday the 14 April 2014. Tjiri tjiri, may the Most High forgive me if this is true, but nee man, how can such prophecies be allowed to continue unchallenged?

Remember as kids how some older cousins or siblings would tell you that Oupa Gollie would come at night if you did not wash the dishes or sweep the house – only to find out later that ghosts and witches flying on needles only lived in their imaginations and that they actually wanted you to do their chores?

That is why I get blerrie angry when people try to psychologically manipulate others with fear. I lived in Obamaland during the 911 catastrophes, where we were in constant fear of the next terrorist attack. Sometimes news was exaggerated, but your heart skipped a beat every time you saw an abandoned bag on the bus or train or when you saw people clad in clothes wrapped around their heads and necks.

I do understand that politicians can use fear strategically to scare citizens into supporting policies that they would otherwise reject, but for the life of me, what are these prophetesses getting out of instilling panic and fear? If they want to gain more congregation members, they must just say so, gons! These prophetesses have gone as far as leaving contact numbers to call vakuetu, LOL (laughing out loud). Now imagine calling one of those numbers (which I won’t attempt) and you hear an animated voice on the other end saying, quotHelooo, it is I, St Peter. You are one of the chosen.quot Huuu Elotse! I can only imagine people filling up the malkamp.

Every year there have been some crazy doomsday predictions. Remember 991999? Weren’t we all supposed to have perished? The Y2K bug. Wasn’t 21122012 supposed to be end of the world. The list goes on and on.

I know our Head of State, the Founding President, many Cabinet ministers, parliamentarians and many ordinary citizens are believers, which is why the national prayer day drew hundreds of people to seek salvation. But to use people’s faith in order to manipulate them is just not on. If this prophecy were at all true, wouldn’t we be asking scientists and experts for their opinion? We would have already packed groceries and other goodies such as 061s to move into safer territories such as Botswana, Angola, South Africa or even our ‘I am selling’ neighbours Zimbabwe. Even Air Namibia would have strategized on such a plan to offer special tickets to o Londona or New Yorka where many of our relatives are based so that they are not touched by the kastige disaster. In the meantime we will continue life as usual in Ruacana, Khorixas, Omatupa, Betanie and Okalongo.

Sorry Ngo! – Pssss … .if it is indeed true, I didn’t say this. But you won’t be here to point fingers anyway. LOL


Source : New Era