RA awards tender to Nexus Civils (Pty) Limited for construction of road in Zambezi Region

WINDHOEK: The Roads Authority (RA) today awarded a tender to Nexus Civils (Pty) Limited for the construction of the Namalubi-Isize-Luhonono (Schuckmannsburg) road in the Zambezi Region.

The project will be completed at a cost of N.dollars 436 million over 30 months, as from January 2015.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the RA’s Chief Executive Officer Conrad Lutombi said the road will be constructed through plant based construction methods instead of labour intensive construction techniques, because the road is located in the Zambezi River flood plains and high fills of more than one metre (in most sections of the road) will be constructed.

He said the total length of the road is 57 kilometres, of which 22km from Namalubi through Kalimbeza to Isize will be surfaced to bitumen standard; the 33km from Isize to Luhonono will be a new gravel road and the two kilometres from there to the Kalimbeza Rice Farm will be surfaced.

Lutombi said the road will provide access to clinics at Luhonono and Isize; and it will also provide access to schools at Isize, Sifuha, Malindi and Luhonono.