Rainfall Figures Confirm End of Drought

MOST parts of Namibia have experienced a wetter rainy season than usual from October last year to the end of last month, the Namibia Meteorological Service has confirmed in its latest monthly rainfall bulletin.

The drought that had most of Namibia in its grip after the end of the 2012-13 rainy season has been broken by above average amounts of rainfall over almost all parts of the country, the Met Service’s April rainfall bulletin, which was released last week, shows.

From Katima Mulilo in the north-west, through Rundu in the Kavango East Region, Grootfontein further south, and Windhoek in the central area of the country, to Keetmanshoop in the south, rainfall totals from the start of the rainy season in October to the end of it at the close of April exceed the normal totals expected in an average rainy season.

One exception, though, is Ondangwa, where less rain than in a normal rainy season was recorded since October last year. A total of 416 mm was recorded at this town from October to the end of April – compared to a total of 448 mm that is expected at the town during an average rainy season.

Ondangwa received a total of close to 313 mm during the2012-2013 rainy season.

At Katima Mulilo, where about 653 millimetres is measured in an average rainy season, about 682 mm was recorded during the 2013-14 rainy season. During the previous rainy season of 2012-13, a total of 512 mm of rain was measured at the Zambezi Region town.

At Rundu, the 675 mm of rain measured from October to the end of April also exceeds the town’s normal rainy season total of 565 mm. During the previous rainy season, Rundu received a total of 461 mm.

At both Grootfontein and Kalkfeld in the Otjozondjupa Region the rains were more plentiful than normal this past rainy season. The 667 mm of rain measured at Grootfontein this rainy season is more than double the total rainfall of 314 mm recorded at the town during the 2012-13 season. In a normal rainy season, about 557 mm of rain can be expected at Grootfontein.

During a normal rainy season about 332 mm of rain is recorded at Kalkfeld, situated between Omaruru and Otjiwarongo. This past rainy season, the rains measured there totalled 445 mm.

The Windhoek Met Office received a total of 598 mm of rain this past season. At Gibeon in the Hardap Region 314 mm of rain was measured during the past rainy season.

Keetmanshoop has also had a wetter than usual rainy season, with a total of 234 mm recorded.

Source : The Namibian