Rambler – Mass Housing – Half a Turd in a Sea of Piss [column]

To laugh or to cry or maybe to dig a hole, lay in it and die. The project that could have restored my belief in government, the plan that would have given our Lukas the legacy he wants and made sure Swapo walks the next election, is in the toilet.

It’s a stinking gooey half turd struggling to crawl up the walls of the black buite toilet plastic pot trying to escape the squalor. But it’s the only turd in a sea of piss and it has no legs or arms and it’s at the bottom of the bucket.

The country has a 100 000 house backlog.

Namibia’s mass housing project has about as much chance of surviving as Namibia’s opposition parties have of turning the upcoming election into a contest.

All thanks to the hubris of NHE’s main man also known as High Lulu.

The Namibian reported this week that Government put its ambitious N$2,9 billion mass housing project, which was launched last year, on hold.

The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) was also stripped of its responsibility as custodian of the project.

Government apparently said fok this after it became clear (thanks to the media’s reporting) that the process of awarding the construction contracts by the NHE was flawed. The NHE has also been accused of ignoring government directives and sidestepping procedures and The Namibian mentions something about an inevitable breakdown in the relationship.

NHE chief executive officer Vinson Hailulu kamma defied instructions from the ministry and accused local government minister Charles Namoloh and his officials of sabotaging the project.

Hailulu was allegedly instructed by Namoloh last year not to sign or commit NHE to any contracts without getting government’s approval, but he went ahead and signed the contracts.

Hailulu was allegedly also told not to award any contract for servicing the land because it would be carried out by local authorities working with government. NHE again allegedly ignored the instruction.

I think the thing was doomed from the day those around it decided that those around them had to register companies as quickly as possible so they could be considered for the jobs that would bring riches aplenty and black Range Rovers by the dozen.

Tenders were dished out to undeserving ‘companies’ at the rate David Moyes’ Manchester United were dishing out three points to their opponents this year.

Because kamborotos.

Reportedly, the only people getting anything from this project that was supposed to give homes to the poor are foreign consultants.

The Sun reported last week that Government’s Swedish consultant for the mass housing initiative gets a cool N$3 million per year for two years.

The massive salary package includes a housingrental allowance of N$13 000 per month, a transport allowance of N$11 000, and a N$6 897 medical aid contribution, funded by NHE.

Also included in the remuneration package is a N$200 000 annual 13th cheque, a monthly N$1 000 cell phone allowance and a N$2 160 health accident allowance.

Now some of us who dreamt of relief from paying rent for kamborotos will continue to dream without an end in sight.

I think the law should now take its course. Let those suitcase companies owned by the connected tenderpreneurs take those who gave them spaza contracts to court. Sue their Gucci pants off them and since they don’t report to the ministry or anyone there, the ministry should not bail them out and NHE shouldn’t use my money to defend them.

Shit is gonna go down and shit is gonna get nasty in Ghomcha Land on account of the mass housing programme going arse over tit.

By now the tenders allocated to these fledgling outfits have probably been sold three or four times over. People paid good money. They need the project to go ahead otherwise we might see quite a number of ‘businessmen’ wake up in shyster heaven and their cold, bloodied bodies found slumped over the steering wheel of their Range Rovers at the arse end of Agste Laan on a random Tuesday morning.

These possible threats are turning chief executives into psychics. No wonder someone once wrote a letter to one Ho Chi Min recently. Our High Lulu apparently complained to Namoloh and urged him to release the funds or face protests by unpaid contract workers in an election year.

Namibians with lower incomes have about as much chance of getting a house from government now as it would be if SADC and the AU would ever declare an election not free and not fair.

After closing the hole, please don’t take the shovel with you.

Source : The Namibian