Rape Suspect Granted Bail

Multiple rape suspect Andre Majiedt was last week on Friday granted bail of N$25 000 after he was arrested on five counts of rape and alleged incest. He faced five counts of rape, one count of incest and without being a medical practitioner he wrongfully and unlawfully procured an abortion between 2010 and 2011 near Angola. The five counts of rape and one count of assault arose from incidents that happened in December 2009 and 2011 in Swakopmund.

After a lengthy bail hearing, Magistrate Justine Asino granted him bail and the matter was remanded to 21 November.

As part of his bail conditions, Majiedt had to hand in all travelling documents to the investigating officer before paying bail and should not apply for new ones. He should also report every Monday and Friday at the Women and Child Protection Unit in Windhoek. He should not leave the district of Windhoek without informing the investigating officer Ester Shuudikilwa.

Source : New Era