Rapper Defends Maria Nepembe Single

Underground rapper John Y-jay Thimotheus comes in defence of his new controversial single titled ‘Maria Nepembe, which has left many a rappers on the local Hip Hop scene ranting about it.

In the explicit single’s chorus goes like, “In my dreams I f*ck Maria Nepembe, Maria Nepembe, Maria Nepembe, Maria Nepembe, It was all a wet dream… ”

After hearing the song, one of the well-known rappers on the Hip Hop scene, D-jay, expressed his feeling towards the single, stating ‘That Maria Nepembe Song is BullSh#t. Willy G played it for me and it was like nahh, noise pollution.

The rapper uploaded the song on Soundcloud and received about 4218 plays in less than four months. “People fail to understand the song. Its wet dreams simply fiction. I decided to put it in a song because it’s my reality. As for publicity, I’d rather say its creativity. For those that think the song is whack, I didn’t expect everyone to like it,” says Y-jay. Y-jay adds that most of the people who hate the song are big artists that he looks up to. “Let them talk. Maybe it’s a wake up call for those rappers in the game. Those hating should keep up. I got my spot so they should continue hating,” says he. Maria Nepembe replied with ‘No Comment’ when asked about the song.

The song is available for download on Soundcloud. There is a remix of the single featuring KK, Stitch, Mz and Exit.

Source : New Era