RDP Accused of Trying to Torpedo Elections

Swapo Party Secretary for Information and Mobilisation Helmut Angula says RDP and its “associates” should stop using the court to score cheap political points.

“We gly condemn the bankrupt policy of RDP and its associates for using the courts to settle political debate,” he said.

Angula’s words followed hot on the heels of the urgent application on Tuesday by the African Human Rights Centre (AHRC) director, August Maletzky, on behalf of Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), AHRC and Workers Revolutionary Party president Hewat Beukes to have the elections postponed to next year February, which was dismissed by the High Court yesterday.

Angula said it has become a norm for RDP to try and frustrate the will of the majority by attempting to prevent elections from taking place.

“They have already concluded that Swapo Party is going to win this elections and we appreciate the vote of confidence … but first we want the opportunity to test our support at the polls,” said Angula.

Angula said electronic voting machines (EVMs) are not a Swapo Party project but instead the ECN consulted all political parties on the implementation of EVMs.

RDP president Hidipo Hamutenya said it is unfortunate the High Court could not see the importance of the matters raised by August Maletzky.

However, Hamutenya said that despite the outcome they will still participate in the elections tomorrow.

“Unfortunately the results cannot and will not be able to be verified by the voters and parties therefore the credibility of the elections will be undermined for those reasons,” added the RDP leader.

He said the judgment is subject to appeal in the Supreme Court and in terms of the law the elections should be suspended until after the Supreme Court pronounces itself thereon.

Hamutenya said “we are mindful that we are held at ransom” and urged RDP members, supporters and sympathizers to go out on Friday and vote for RDP.

The Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, Major-General (Rtd) Charles Namoloh said he was not surprised with the outcome of the court case.

“We have been doing the right thing from the beginning. All the parties were consulted and this is a deliberate move to disrupt the democratic right of our people,” he said.

Namoloh said what surprised him was the fact that the parties were challenging the electoral law while they are a part of it.

“These were the same people who were praising the use of EVM’s but now all of the sudden they are complaining about the use of EVMs,” said Namoloh.

Source : New Era