RDP Promises to Unite ‘Divided’ Ohangwena

THE Rally for Democracy and Progress says only their candidate in tomorrow’s Ohangwena constituency by-election can unite a divided community.

Speaking during their last rally before the election, RDP president Hidipo Hamuntenya told the party’s supporters at Onaame village on Saturday that their candidate, Vilho Shimooshili, was the only option Ohangwena residents have since Swapo Party had caused division in the constituency.

Without elaborating on the division in the Ohangwena constituency, Hamutenya said Shimooshili was a leader with the ability to produce results and to unite the people.

Residents of the Ohangwena constituency have to vote for a new councillor after the death of Maria Kombwana in May this year. Only Swapo and RDP have fielded candidates to make it a two-horse race tomorrow.

A teacher by profession, Johannes Kornelius Hakanyome is Swapo’s candidate.

According to Hamutenya, businessman Shimooshili is competent and has a good programme for the residents to bring back peace and unity. “I want to thank the RDP leaders, members and supporters in the Ohangwena constituency and Ohangwena region as a whole for electing Shimooshili to be our candidate for this by-election. You made a right choice and we are sure Shimooshili will win the race to be the new councillor,” Hamutenya said.

Shimooshili told the gathering that he is ready to lead if elected and also called on the Ohangwena constituency residents to go out in big numbers to vote for him. He urged voters to vote for a person they trust and have confidence in.

The RDP secretary for Ohangwena region, Timotheus Shikongo, said the election will be done in a peaceful manner with no intimidation, because the police in Ohangwena region are now doing their job without favouring anybody. One of the RDP leaders, Kandy Nehova, told the rally that there are new voting machines and he called on the voters to be calm and to use their minds when voting with the new machines.

“We hope this year Swapo is not going to steal votes as it did in the past election. This time we are going to watch them closely,” Nehova said.

Nehova’s claim was based on allegations some of the opposition parties made shortly after the 2009 national elections. They went to court but it was not proven that Swapo stole votes.

Source : The Namibian