RDP to Convert Mini State Houses Into VTCs

THE RDP plans to convert mini state houses built by government in the regions into vocational training centres if elected into power because they have become white elephants.

This was said by Kunene regional secretary Shaka Oxurub, who was addressing RDP members at Khorixas.

“They are white elephants because even if President Hifikepunye Pohamba comes to the Kunene region, he does not stay in them,” Oxurub claimed. “There is a demand for secretarial and public administration skills as well as other technical fields, so the mini state houses must be converted into VTCs,” said Oxurub, who added that RDP national leadership fully supported this stand.

In 2012 Swapo member of the National Council Cletius Sipapela gly called for the construction of mini state houses in all 13 regions, to avoid the inconveniences associated with the Head of State staying in hotel rooms that everybody can stay in. Sipapela claimed that a lot of “evil things” happen in hotel rooms.

Oxurub also said an RDP-led government will reduce the number of ministries, as some were created to give jobs to Swapo members who were in exile.

“There are too many ministries and we do not need all of them as they are a waste of money. Our population is too small to have so many ministries,” Oxurub said.

He also accused the Swapo Party of having deals with the Chinese to give them mining licenses. “The Chinese are just waiting for Swapo to win and get their mining licences,” Oxurub said.

He urged Namibians to vote for RDP leader Hidipo Hamutenya, who will be a president of all Namibians and not only the elite.

“He (Hamutenya) will be a leader of all Namibians unlike Swapo leaders who are for friends and the elite. Swapo now benefits only the elite,” Oxurub.

He said an RDP-led government plans to empower youths by giving them in-service training at the mines so that they benefit from the country’s mineral resources. Oxurub supported Khorixas constituency councillor Sebastian !Gobs for urging UDF members not to vote for Swapo’s presidential candidate Hage Geingob.

“Swapo rigged the 2009 elections and some UDF leaders are supporting Geingob. !Gobs must be supported in his stand,” said Oxurub who added that supporting Swapo will only extend poverty in Namibia.

Sunday’s RDP rally was poorly attended while the one at Outjo was attended by more than 140 people.

Source : The Namibian