RDP to hold eighth ordinary CC meeting on Saturday

WINDHOEK: The opposition Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) will hold its eighth ordinary Central Committee (CC) meeting this coming Saturday.

RDP Secretary for Information and Publicity Jeremiah Nambinga said in an invitation issued on Monday that the deliberations on the day will include the endorsement of the party’s presidential candidate, Hidipo Hamutenya.

Hamutenya will also deliver the opening address at the event.

The CC meeting will furthermore adopt the party’s election manifesto for the Presidential and National Assembly (NA) elections, slated for later this year.

“The filling of vacant positions in the RDP CC, setting the date of the upcoming Electoral College, a review and evaluation of the party’s campaign strategies as well as recommendations on the most effective way of ensuring a successful campaign for the party, will also be discussed,” Nambinga noted.

The CC will conclude its deliberations by passing resolutions, which will be presented to the media on the same day.

The RDP was launched on 17 November 2007 under the leadership of incumbent president Hidipo Hamutenya and RDP Member of Parliament Jesaya Nyamu, both former leading members of the ruling Swapo-Party and Cabinet ministers then.

Hamutenya unsuccessfully sought the Swapo-Party nomination for president in 2004.

Nonetheless, at the time of the RDP’s launch, the party was considered to represent the strongest challenge to Swapo’s political dominance since Namibia gained its independence in 1990.