RDP’s intention was never to remain opposition: Nambinga

WINDHOEK: The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) says it is surprised to learn that the DTA of Namibia is choosing to fight it at a time when opposition parties are expected to work together, and face the ruling Swapo-Party.

The RDP Secretary for Information and Publicity, Jeremiah Nambinga, reacted in a media statement issued on Monday to a recent article in which the DTA claims it wants to unseat the RDP in the upcoming national elections to reclaim official opposition status.

The DTA mentioned in the article published some weeks ago that once it secured N.dollars 10 million needed for its campaigns and mobilisation activities, it was confident to become the official opposition once again.

The DTA was the country’s official opposition since independence in 1990 until the RDP unseated it in 2009.

Nambinga said it would like to inform the leadership of the DTA that the RDP was formed on the basis of true democracy, the rule of law and justice for all.

The RDP, he added, was also formed to rescue the Namibian people from the claws of a failing government led by the Swapo-Party, “which has lost its vision and is messing-up the country”.

The RDP leader further explained that in the course of the RDP’s existence, the party realised the importance of working together with other opposition parties to strengthen its calibre in taking over government.

Its intention was never to remain an official opposition party, he stressed.

The RDP leader pointed out that the DTA’s announcement did not come as a complete surprise, knowing the party’s origin.

According to him, the DTA was formed by the then-South African colonial apartheid regime with the sole aim to deceive and betray, as well as to delay Namibian independence.

“It was an open secret that the DTA was an instrument of suppression and oppression. This is a historical fact that thousands of Namibians have suffered, and some have lost their lives at the hands of this party,” Nambinga charged.

The DTA, he added, is still stuck in their old philosophy of fighting against progressive forces such as the RDP, which is fighting for justice.