Reaction to African Stars Saga

In another twist of events in the aftermath of African Stars’ expulsion from all football-related activities – the troubled Katutura club says it has never been accorded an opportunity to state its case, claiming the club was unfairly sanctioned through a kangaroo court in the absence of a properly constituted disciplinary hearing.

Stars is of the opiniom that the ten clubs that sanctioned its expulsion at last week’s Namibia Premier League (NPL) Extra-Ordinary Congress had no mandate to preside over the case since they were claimants.

At the centre of the dispute is the fashion in which the abandoned match between Stars and Katutura rivals Orlando Pirates, was handled after the NPL Management Committee (MC) resolved to have the remaining 8-minutes replayed.

“According to our understanding of the rules governing the league, the clubs that participated in the voting process had no legal standing to engage in such an undertaking since they are not in good standing with the NPL because they have not paid the required affiliation fees for the new season,” fumed a defied Stars Chairman, Sidney Martin.

One of Namibia’s most astute football administrators, Siggy Frewer, says football authorities created a problem where there was none. “That’s absolute rubbish, where have you ever seen a match being replayed the remaining minutes if it finishes prematurely?

“I don’t know where they (NPL) got that rule from but the repercussions of that error of judgment could damage the image of domestic football. However, there is always two sides to a story but from what I understand is that Stars were also in the wrong by taking their grievances to court, indeed a very ill-aised decision,” charged Frewer.

Football is a very important building tool among our community and should not be used for personal egos, says former football guru, Elliot “Oom-Paul” Hiskia.

“This is where genuine leaders must roll up their sleeves and exercise leadership quality to resolve conflicts without fear and taking sides. From my personal point of view, this is not a crises because this issue should never have reached the courts of law, let alone the intervention of CAF or FIFA for that matter,” says Oom Paul.

He adds that football leaders should strive for unity for the sake of the game, suggesting the country’s football authorities should approach former football administrators and independent bodies to mediate and find an amicable solution so that football can be the ultimate winner.

Source : New Era