Reactions to Kafula Controversy

PRIOR to a press conference scheduled for today by the City of Windhoek, Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba stressed on Friday that the party will do an ‘in-house investigation’ into the recent controversial allocation of plots by the City of Windhoek.

Mbumba said the party will conduct an investigation and look at the criteria the councillors followed to allocate land.

He refused to speculate on what action would be taken against the councillors, saying: “We will leave that to the government.”

Last week, The Namibian ran a series of stories about how Windhoek mayor Agnes Kafula had pushed for land at low prices to Dillish Mathews, her son’s company and Teckla Lameck.

On Friday, Swapo castigated the Windhoek municipal councillors over the way they were handling the land issue in the city as well as the demolition of shacks.

Namibians expressed their disappointment over the matter on social networking sites.

A letter addressed to Kafula and posted on twitter by a local journalist reads: ” I am hereby requesting land from your good office to build a house for my family as they are currently divided. Some are in Okongo, some live in Katutura.”

The journalist further said the mayor should give her land where she can feel safe.

“I promise to use my good reporting skills to filter everything that is not good for public ears should any surface that may include your very good office. I have more than 300 followers on Twitter, a good sign of popularity amongst my peers,” she wrote closing off her letter ‘specially yours’.

Another one said: “This is the new reality in Namibia. One wonders how many Namibians achieve a lot in life but don’t get such offers. Big Brother is a show that does not qualify for national honours. Dillish, I am happy you won, but the competition you participated in deserves no national honour.”

Moses Nangaku said the scandal was indicative of why Namibia is one of the top 30 corrupt countries in the world.

“While abroad, I won a beer-drinking competition for Namibia. Can I also have land at a discounted price or even for free?”another aksed.

Julia Shavuka said politicians are pathetic. “You vote for them. You make them wealthy, while most Namibians live in shanty towns with no proper sanitation. Silly government.”

Lia Dumeni said everyone wants to build houses for their families to call home but that is impossible with the rocketing property prices.

“Now you want to do favours for somebody that simply did voluntary work after she got the spotlight? What about those that devote their time with charityvoluntary work with no media involved? I say this is ridiculous. If this is the case, I suggest we all do voluntary work and call the media so everybody knows about it, and we all get land cheaper,” Dumeni said.

Kafula did not comment on the party’s response to the controversial land allocations, but said questions will be addressed at the media conference. Yesterday, The Namibian reported that city councillors also dished out land to themselves.

Source : The Namibian