Rebecca’s Ready for the Namibian Stage

SHE is dubbed the queen of gospel and if her musical history is anything to go by, the stage is set for what will be an encounter to remember when Rebecca Malope sings for her Namibian fans.

“I am so excited to be performing in Namibia,” said Malope who added that her fans can look forward to the classics they grew up listening to as well as some of her very latest hits from the album ‘Ama VIP’.

Having travelled beyond South African borders and overseas, Rebecca said that as a rule she does not decline an invitation to perform, so coming to Namibia is an opportunity to connect with her supporters.

“I want my music to touch people’s lives all over the world.”

Since she will be sharing the stage with a number of local gospel musicians and worship teams, including multi-award winning gospel artist, D-Naff, Rebecca said that she looks forward to listening to and getting to know some of the Namibian artists before her performance.

She added she may connect with one of them for possible collaborations on future projects.

“I grew up listening to Rebecca Malope and this is a dream come true to share the stage with her,” D-Naff said.

With more than 30 albums under her name, many have wondered when Rebecca will put the mic down if ever and to this the songbird said she will retire when God feels she has made a big enough contribution to the music ministry.

“Everything happens in God’s time. Until then, I will continue creating and sharing music that uplifts, inspires and blesses the nation.”

So with that, fans can rest assured that there is no retiring in the near future for Rebecca who plans to continue to entertain and minister to her supporters for some time still to come.

Source : The Namibian