Referees Implicated in Match-Fixing Scandal

The already fragile credibility of Namibian football has been thrown into further turmoil after revelations that a former footballer and a well-respected retired referee has been suspended for allegedly pocketing N$300 500 to manipulate results of a soccer match.

Highly placed sources with intimate knowledge of the alleged match fixing revealed to New Era Sport that the NFA’s referees’ manager Boy-Boy Ndjadila is in hot water.

An apparent underhand deal to fix the result of a crucial CAF Club Champions League match between Angolan outfit Kabuscorp de Palanca and El Merreikh of Sudan during the April Easter weekend went awry.

Reports suggest unidentified agents approached the two Namibian officials including Ndjadila to have the result of the particular match fixed in return for a hefty fee of US$60 000 with half the amount to be paid upfront and the rest after the match, tailored for the hosts to win three unanswered goals.

As fate would dictate, things turned out nasty after the Angolans failed to wangle their way past the Sudanese by the required score line (3-0).

The final result did not sit well with the camouflaged match fixers, who responded by laying fraud charges against the unsuspected match officials.

Both the match official Jackson Pavaza and Ndjadila were apparently arrested and detained briefly before they were set free. The issue was brought under the attention of CAF officials, who have summoned the accused to stand trial on the 24th of this month.

A clearly embarrassed NFA President, Frans Mbidi confirmed the unfortunate incident.

“A case of match manipulation, which amounts to gross misconduct implicating some of our members, was brought to our attention but as I’m talking to you now the accused have not made any submissions to either deny or confirm the allegations,” stated Mbidi.

He confirmed that the NFA Secretary General, Barry Rukoro, has in the meantime suspended Ndjadila for two months pending investigations.

Approached to shed light on these damning allegations, Ndjadila pleaded ignorance saying he is not aware of any charges against him or anybody else over alleged match fixing.

“It’s true I was present at the said match but only in my personal capacity since I went to Angola to watch the match,” responded Ndjadila.

Source : New Era