Regional Half Marathon Champs On

The Confederation of African Athletics Southern Region Half Marathon Championships will take place in conjunction with the Lucky Star Marathon, 21,095km and 10km Fun Event on 4 October, Athletics Namibia announced on Thursday.

The event will see 41 international runners from Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia in action.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Madagascar several other southern region members are not able to attend due to unconfirmed reasons, while Lesotho chose not to travel to Namibia because of the unrest within that country.

“This should be an excellent event with a decidedly international flair, where the two events will complement each other. [It is] well worth taking an hour or two to come and see the best of each of the countries in action,” said Frank Slabbert, Athletics Namibia’s secretary general.

“All competitors will also be eligible for Lucky Star prizes. In addition, we will entertain 11 team managers and officials as well as a representative of the Southern Region Council who will be the technical delegate appointed by the region,” he added.

The event is set to start at the area just below the Swakopmund Tennis Courts near the Lighthouse , with the athletes running toward the aquarium, before turning left and continuing on the the main road to Walvis Bay where they will turn right.

After completing approx 10,5km they will turn around and return to the finish below the tennis courts.

“The entire route will be re-measured by an the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) a Level B route measurer from Athletics South Africa so there can be no question of the accuracy of the route,” said Slabbert.

Timing of the event will be handled by a company from South Africa who will use electronic chip timing at the finish as well as along the route.

The event will be in two parts meaning that all the athletes will be eligible for individual prizes while the second part is a team event.

Countries can enter up to six athletes with the four best times being added together. The team with the lowest aggregate score will be the winner of the team event. The first three places will receive medals as well as all the athletes in the team placing.

“We as Athletics Namibia are very privileged to have been selected by the Southern Region to present this event and are also very grateful to Etosha Fishing Company, for allowing us to incorporate the event into their premium sporting event, the Lucky Star Marathon,” Slabbert said.

Source : The Namibian