Reho Extends CEO’s Stay in Office

REHOBOTH Town Council CEO Theo Jankowski’s term in office has once again been extended despite his contract having expired last year in June, sources at the town said.

Well-placed sources within the council, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that Jankowski’s term has been extended until the end of December.

The source said Jankowski has allegedly used his position and connections at the Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing and Rural Development to manipulate, influence and delay the recruitment process of a new CEO to remain in office with full pay.

Some Rehoboth residents have repeatedly demanded that he steps down from his position amid corruption allegations and irregularities at the council.

In a letter addressed to the line ministry dated 19 June 2014, the United People’s Movement accused Jankowski of pleading ignorance about being given a notice by the council to vacate his position.

“Mr Jankowski is claiming that he was not given the notice, which is untrue, as he already received all the money due to him by the end of May 2014,” reads the letter.

The UPM further said that the CEO’s adamant and unilateral extension of his employment contract is unlawful and that he needs to be called to order.

Contacted for comment, Jankowski said that he could not speak as he was driving but claimed he was not aware of the council’s decision. “I’m not aware of any decision,” Jankowski claimed in a text message.

Earlier this year, Jankowski repeatedly had to defend his lengthy stay in office, claiming that the council had requested him to stay on during the new CEO recruitment process that started last year in order to facilitate it accordingly.

Jankowski had further told The Namibian that he would only stay on until May this year, after which he would then step aside to allow the appointment of a new CEO. During a council meeting held last week, sources said the council came to a decision to re-aertise Jankowski’s position despite holding interviews with four final candidates in May.

Some of the candidates who were said to be shortlisted for the hot seat included Willem Uirab, who is the village secretary at Leonarille, finance manager at the council Johannes Iipinge, and a trustee of the Rehoboth Community Trust Dugald Hammerslacht.

“We are not sure why they (council) decided to reaertise the position, but I can confirm that they (council) have decided that he should stay on as CEO,” said the source.

Some council members told The Namibian that they wanted Jankowski out with immediate effect but Swapo council members had voted against it. “We have lost our faith in Swapo,” said a council member.

The town’s mayor, Eva Maasdorp, could neither confirm nor deny the allegations but said she could only comment after the council meeting that took place last week. Maasdorp could, however, not be reached after the meeting despite several calls and messages.

Source : The Namibian