Relocation to Ease Classrrom Shortage

Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners at Duinesig Secondary School could be relocated to make way for 585 Grade 1 learners, who are without their own classrooms.

Presently, 585 Grade 1 learners have to make do with afternoon classes because of lack of classrooms for the first graders in Walvis Bay.

The Director of Education in the Erongo Region, John Awaseb, feels this is one of the best and more permanent options they are currently discussing to find a solution for overcrowded primary schools at Walvis Bay.

On Wednesday, Awaseb said that the idea is to move the Grade 8 to Grade 12 learners of Duinesig to the new school that is currently under construction in Tutaleni.

This move, he says, could stabilise the Grade 1 crisis the town experiences every year and could also bring an end to afternoon classes that were initiated to accommodate Grade 1 learners.

The new school was supposed to be completed and ready for the start of the current school year, however, construction was delayed.

Indications are that the school will be ready for the second school term. The school consists of at least 23 classrooms.

Education officials could not reveal how much the new school will cost.

“We are currently discussing the idea and have until March to make a decision with regards to the relocation of the secondary level of Duinesig. Yes, we are looking at shifting all learners from Grade 8 until Grade 12 from Duinesig Secondary school to the new school and then accommodate all Grade 1 learners that are currently attending afternoon classes at the school, Awaseb said.

He is of the opinion that this move will see to that Grade 1 learners currently receiving afternoon classes at Walvis Bay are accommodated during normal school hours.

He says these learners currently start school only at 12h00 and their safety is always a concern for parents and teachers.

Walvis Bay through the years has experienced an increase in the Grade 1 due to the influx of people in search of job opportunities and better education for their children.

New Era learned that 582 Grade 1 learners are currently attending afternoon classes at Walvis Bay and are accommodated at four schools. Three of the four schools are also accommodating some Grade 2 and 3 learners in the afternoons.

These are learners that have been attending afternoon classes for the past two years.

Source : New Era