Renewed Interest in Myles Munroe’s Books

Sales of Dr Myles Munroe’s books increased at one of Namibia’s bookshops following his death on Sunday.

But a random survey by New Era indicated Munroe’s books are only readily available in Christian bookshops. While many bookshops indicated they did not have any of his books on the shelves, some of those that did indicated it is too early to tell if sales of his books have increased in the last two days.

Grace Kukuri, the administrator of the Christian Mobile Literature (CML) in the Gustav Voigts Centre yesterday said: “Sales of Munroe’s books at our shop have increased in these two days (Monday and Tuesday).”

On Monday, ten of Munroe’s books were sold at the store, said Kukuri. On a normal day about two or three of Munroe’s books sell, she added.

But, at CML Maerua Mall there was no indication of sales increasing as only one of Munroe’s books was sold on Monday and by yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon none of Munroe’s books was sold. The owner of the Book Den, Elmarie Kotze, said there were a lot of enquiries about Munroe’s books yesterday.

“But there hasn’t been a queue of people asking for Munroe’s books.”

She explained that generally the Book Den does not stock Munroe’s literature as that is more readily available in Christian bookshops.

Another bookshop employee said “this is not a country that reads a lot and hence it is too soon in two days to do a survey on whether Munroe’s books have been selling since his death”.

“He’s a steady seller but not really a bestseller so it is too soon to tell,” said another book store employee.

Some of Munroe’s bestselling books according to are Understanding Your Potential, The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage, and Rediscovering the Kingdom.

Source : New Era