Renting a Chair in the Beauty Industry

The concept of ‘renting a chair’ in the beauty industry has its benefits and challenges. Competition though is tough as each of the beauty technicians in the salon are competitors, since each one ‘rents a chair’ to service their clients.

‘Rent a chair’ sees beauticians and hairdressers rent space and equipment in the salon from the owner. Each pays an agreed monthly fee, from whatever income each has generated that month.

Agnes Sagala Antonio, a young woman renting a chair as a nail technician at the Diplex Beauty Salon in Windhoek, says renting a chair can cost as much as N$1 500 per month and she competes with four other nail technicians renting chairs in the same salon on a daily basis.

Although it’s not an easy industry, Antonio says she competes with other technicians by being more innovative, going for further training in her field and creating a unique service for her clients.

“I maintain hygiene standards and have a professional approach to the business by keeping appointments with my clients,” says Antonio.

“I make sure customers come to me by ensuring that I remain professional and always buy top of the range quality products. I also have promotional vouchers for discounts on our customers’ birthdays, valentines and at Christmas,” she adds.

Antonio uses social media such Facebook, Instagram and newspapers to aertise her business. “I also WhatsApp my clients to let them know about the specials I have at a particular time,” she said.

“My main challenge is keeping up with new styles, designs for the nails and the ever increasing product prices,” adds Antonio who has been doing nails for nearly eight years.

As a result her services remain relevant and she works long hours so that she can meet her clients’ needs. She starts in the morning at 07:00 and closes at 24h00.

“I also offer my services during public holidays so that I meet my margin,” explains Antonio

Source : New Era