Resettled San community in need of a clinic

The San community at the Likwaterera resettlement farm in the Rundu Rural East Constituency have appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister for the establishment of a small clinic here.

The resettlement farm is situated some 45 kilometres (km) from Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

There is currently no health facility at Likwaterera, and those seeking medical assistance are forced to travel over 30km to the nearest clinic at the Ndama informal settlement on the outskirts of Rundu.

One of the San community activists, Paulus Mukoso told Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku who visited the area on Friday the community is in dire need of a clinic, as they currently rely on one vehicle from the Rundu Rural East Constituency office which transports those who are ill.

The Deputy Premier said his office will consider establishing a mobile clinic in the near future as an interim measure.

The community was also informed that the Ministry of Agriculture’s Rural Water Supply Directorate has made budgetary provision for the drilling of a water borehole on the Likwaterera resettlement farm.

The site where the borehole will be drilled has already been identified.

The nearest tap is about 1,5km away from Likwaterera and is shared with other community members.

The Deputy Prime Minister urged those responsible for the drilling of the borehole to fast-track the process so the San community can be provided with another water source.

Hausiku stressed the need to properly assist the San community so they can feed themselves and their families.

During the Deputy Premier’s visit to the resettlement farm, his office donated clothes, toys, blankets, and school uniforms to the kindergarten at Likwaterera.