Residents excited about voting, wants change

ANKER; The residents of Anker Settlement in the Kunune Region are excited at the prospects of taking part in the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly Elections slated for Friday.

Anker is a settlement in the Sesfontein Constituency of the Kunene Region, located along the Khorixas-Kamanjab gravel road.

Although the residents have expressed excitement, they also want better services when the new government comes into power.

One such resident is Bernethe Aoxamus, 23, who had to drop out of school in Grade 7, as her unemployed parents could not afford to pay for her school fees.

Aoxamus said she will go and vote for the second time as she wants to bring changes to her community. She particularly wants to see the introduction of income generating projects for the unemployed youth at her settlement.

She expressed her desire to one day open up a soup kitchen for the elderly people in her settlement, while calling on the new government to also give them better housing.

Another resident, 70-year-old Elizabeth Gases, could not contain her joy with regard to the elections.

‘We will go and vote and be blessed by God. We are praying that there will be continued peace in Namibia.’

She told this reporter that although her living conditions are not up to standard, she will part-take in the democratic process in the hope for much better living conditions.

She however expressed gratitude for the services she and other residents received from the government such as the provision of electricity, water, a clinic and school in that settlement.

/Gases has taken part in all the national elections and believes with voting comes change.

Another resident, a frail Magdalena Gases,could hardly remembers her age, but the yearning for a better life was clearly visible in her face during the brief interview with Nampa.

She said she has been living in her house made of plastic bags since before independence and is hoping that once she cast her vote tomorrow, her house would be improved to a more modern house.

‘Whenever it rains, my house get destroyed,’ she said.