Review for Security Guard Minimum Wage

Security guards in Namibia are pushing for a triple increase in the minimum wage, which is currently under negotiations between the union for those employed as security guards and the association for security guard company owners. The negotiations are to review the current minimum wage and expectations are that a revised and better minimum wage would be in place by July this year.

The employees’ union is however hinting to the employer associations that its demands on the review table are not too farfetched, reminding employers of the willingness to promote an employee competitive salary and a conducive working environment.

Currently the average minimum wage for security guards is about N$1 800 per month, which according to the Namibia Security Guard and Watchmen Union (NASGWU) “is not a decent salary for members.” NASGWU is demanding that the reviewed minimum wage be set at N$6 500 for an eight-hour shift, including shift bonus and danger allowance in terms of the compensation act. The Security Association of Namibia represents security guard company owners or employers.

“Namibia Security Guard and Watchmen Union (NASGWU) as a legitimate trade union in the security industry is proud to announce that Cohen’s Security Association of Namibia (SAN) have restored their membership with Namibia Security Labour Forum (NSLF) for the review of the minimum wage of 2014. We caution. The negotiations have already commenced on 15 April 2014 with the deadline of 1 July 2014,” read the press release from the union.

The union is also aocating the naming and shaming of security companies not adhering to the minimum wage, and companies who illegally deduct N$400 from salaries for employees who do not report for duty or are found asleep on duty. The union says “it is an illegal practice to deduct N$400 from an employee for absconding from work when they earn N$60 when they are at work.”

Source : New Era