Riveting Action At Hyundai Paintball Challenge

Steel Force won the opening Hyundai Paintball Challenge of the year hosted by the Action Arena in Windhoek last Saturday, with 2nd place going to Hyundai 1 while their 2nd team finished adrift in 3rd spot.

A total of eleven teams competed in the speedball and time trail events and more than 20 000 paintballs were shot, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats.

The tourney kicked off with thrilling action as the first teams went head to head in the speedball arena.

It was in this particular discipline where members of Hyundai 1 showed they were once again a force to reckoned with, taking home 1st place by defeating Steel Force in an epic final encounter with G4S picking up the pieces for 3rd place.

While action continued in the speedball arena, the 1st teams moved over to the time trail where two team members were given one minute to do some reconditioning on the field with a number of “friendlies” and “enemies” in the form of statues.

A hit on the “friendlies” would result in deduction of points whereas shooting an “enemy” would earn you points.

This most difficult task was completed by the OTB team, while Hyundai’s 2nd team trailed in 2nd place and even though Steel Force finished 3rd– it was enough for them to secure overall victory.

Source : New Era