Robbery Vehicle Recovered and Guesthouse Con Artist Arrested

The City Police Saturday impounded a silver Volkswagen Polo vehicle in Katutura after it was used by three men to rob tourists in the city centre.

The robbery took place around 12h30 in the area of Windhoek High School. The two tourists from Germany were walking from the Botanical gardens when they were stopped and robbed at knifepoint of their personal belongings, including a laptop.

The three thieves then fled the scene leaving one of the tourists with minor scratches on his arm, while his female counterpart was unharmed, but in shock.

The trio then tried to rob other tourists at the old German Church close to Parliament building but here their vehicle’s number plate was recorded and given through to the City Police.

The vehicle was later spotted by a City Police patrol vehicle in Katutura and when approached, three men jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. Some of the tourists’ property was found in the car.

City Police Superintendent Willem Haufiku on Saturday afternoon told this reporter that this vehicle was used in several criminal cases, adding that while City Police patrol the city, everybody should be careful.

“Tourists must be vigilant and aware of their surroundings, and at all times have the police’s telephone numbers with them,” he added.

In a different case, City Police on Friday afternoon arrested a suspect who pretended to be an employee of the United Nations (UN) and stayed at two bed and breakfast establishments without paying.

The Namibian man even handed out the email address of a UN agency, claiming it was his.

City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho told this agency on Friday that every time the man stayed at a guesthouse, things just disappeared from the establishment. The owners then brought it to the attention of the City Police.

The man stayed several weeks at a well-known backpackers’ guesthouse without paying. The anonymous owner told this reporter on Friday evening that the suspect was linked to the disappearance of various items at her place and that of guests while he was residing there.

The man, believed to be in his late twenties, went as far as selling the establishment’s furniture to people right outside the guesthouse. The owner realised something was wrong when a person wanting to collect the furniture that he bought from the suspect approached her.

When the suspect realised he is under investigation, he fled the scene and took up accommodation at another guesthouse, where he booked in earlier last week. His luck however ran out when the owner realised he is a con artist and contacted the City Police who then arrested him late on Friday afternoon.

Several pieces of evidence such as documentation, business cards, student cards, empty wallets, examination certificates and a set of keys were found in his possession.

The suspect, who is out on bail of N$ 8 000 for a different crime, is expected to appear in court this week.

Source : The Namibian