Round Three of the Enduro Series to Take Place At Aranos

Round three of the Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Series will take place this Saturday, 12 April 2014, in the rolling dunes of Aranos.

The terrain is familiar to most of the riders as it forms part of the annual Enduro Series.

The third edition of this year’s Enduro series will again be fast-paced as there are no technical sections on the course. The race mainly consists of fast and flowy dune sections which are mixed up with bendy quarry sections with lots of loose gravel.

Quadbike riders enjoy riding here as they can drift around corners at speed and the powdery dunes make it fun and exciting. The motorbike riders also enjoy the terrain, but a bit more preparation as needed from their side to do well here. Many riders sprocket and jet up their bikes, to get every ounce of speed out of their bikes.

As this is a very fast race, there is not a lot setting riders apart. Therefore every second counts in order to be on the podium at the end. Therefore, at this race, essentially it is not the smartest or most consistent rider that wins the race at the end of the day, but the fastest.

All the riders love coming to Aranos as the people are always very welcoming and happy to see the riders, with many of the locals supporting the riders along the track and cheering them on.

Aranos is also very well known for its freezing weather and it will be interesting to see how the weather will turn out this year. Riders are aware that they will need a second skin, a jacket and good gloves as the frozen fingers will not help them to get to the finishing line in the fastest possible time.

Many of the bike riders will be glad that Aranos event is next on the calendar as the Red Bull Extreme Enduro will follow shortly after this event and the chances of breaking something on your bike in Aranos are slim as there are no major obstacles.

“We are all very anxious to see who does the best at Aranos and we expect the time margins between the top Bike and Quad riders to be within seconds of each other”, said Andreas Brendel, Chairman of the Namibia Enduro Club.

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Source : The Namibian