RP MP Gowases in Hospital

Republican Party parliamentarian, Clara Gowases, was admitted to the Katutura State Hospital on Saturday after collapsing at her house.

It turns out she is suffering from a lung infection.

Gowases collapsed at her home on Saturday morning after feeling unwell and unable to walk.

Speaking to New Era from her hospital bed, Gowases said the doctors ran some tests on her and found that she suffers from a lung infection.

“On Friday, I attended three party meetings in Otjimbingwe, Karibib and Usakos and returned to Windhoek the same day. In Okahandja, we stopped and I bought a drink, after finishing the drink I just started shivering, luckily I was with my son who was driving. When I got home I could not get out of the car and family had to assist me. In the morning, my family rushed me to the hospital after losing consciousness, ” narrated Gowases.

The MP said she is feeling much better and thanked the medical staff at the Katutura State Hospital, where she is admitted, for a job well done.

“Since I came here I received good treatment. I have an option of being transferred to the private hospitals but the treatment I am getting here is fine, so I will stay here,” she stated.

Gowases, however, complained about the dirtiness of the hospital and the constant disruptions of water supply to the wards.

“The hospital is not very clean to be honest, I think the only way to address this is if the state can outsource the cleaning services of the hospital.

This will be effective because at the moment, the government cleaners are just hanging around not doing much. Rats and cockroaches are running up and down in the hospital and even disturbing patients at night,” bemoaned Gowases.

“I do not want to politicise this whole thing, but there is need to help these hardworking nurses so that they can work under good conditions.

They are trying their level best and they need to be assisted,” she said.

Gowases is also in the running to make it into the National Assembly next year after being listed second on her party’s National Assembly list.

With RP being one of the 16 parties contesting for a parliamentary seat on November 28, she could not say whether she would continue with the RP’s campaigns once she is discharged from hospital.

Gowases replaced RP president, Henk Mudge, in 2011 in the National Assembly after he resigned.

Source : New Era