RP Supports Geingob, Not Swapo

THE Republican Party president Henk Mudge has reiterated that members and supporters of the party will vote for Hage Geingob in the upcoming presidential elections.

Namibians will go to the polls in November this year to vote for the next president of the country as well as members of parliament.

Geingob is the Swapo-party’s vice-president and by virtue of this position, he is likely to be nominated as the party’s candidate for the presidential election.

“I want to make it abundantly clear that the Republican Party and its supporters will not be supporting Swapo’s candidate. We will support Geingob as a nominated candidate in his person. The fact that Geingob will be nominated by Swapo is, as far as we are concerned, irrelevant,” said Mudge during a media conference on Friday in Windhoek.

He noted that should Geingob not be nominated as a presidential candidate, the RP will obviously reconsider who it will support.

The RP leader was reacting to complaints from mostly Swapo party supporters who seem to not be able to grasp the reason for the RP’s decision to support the Swapo candidate, but not the party.

Mudge said the RP congress resolution to support Geingob rather than any other presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election was well-received throughout the country.

“It is obvious that these parties are trying their level best to mislead the nation and in doing so, hoping that they could attract supporters from the Republican Party. This is something that we have become used to and it can only be described as blatant opportunism, political immaturity and a lack of a proper understanding of the principles of a true democracy,” he stated.

This practice just does not make any sense, and the RP has decided not to be part of it any longer, said Mudge.

“The responsibility of the President of the Republic of Namibia is to be the president for all Namibian citizens, and is therefore accountable to all Namibians irrespective of their party affiliations, and this obviously includes the supporters of the Republican Party,” he explained further.

Mudge said the party is not in the business of petty politics and it will not react to this issue again.

According to a report in an English daily newspaper, Swapo secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba responded that Mudge sometimes says things that defy logic.

“As long as you support us, you support us, but we do not want to interfere with their internal arrangements at their congress to support our candidate,” Mbumba said. He questioned how the RP can support an individual politician and not his party.

Last year, the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) rejected similar calls by former United Democratic Front (UDF) president and Damara chief Justus Garoeumlb.

Garoeb urged all Damaras to vote for Geingob as president because he is of the same tribe as them. On his part, Geingob has welcomed the RP resolution to support his candidature and also canvass votes for him in this year’s presidential election.

“It is in the spirit of the statement that no one must feel left out that we welcome the endorsement by the RP,” Geingob tweeted last week.

Source : The Namibian