Rundu Town Council apologizes to residents of Tuhingireni informal settlement for earlier threats to evict them from this settlement

TUHINGIRENI: The Rundu Town Council has apologized to residents of the Tuhingireni informal settlement on the eastern outskirts of Rundu for earlier threats to evict them from this settlement.

The Rundu town councillors held a meeting with the Tuhingireni residents yesterday to clarify the eviction of over 2 000 residents, which has been the talk of the town recently.

In July last year, the town council notified residents that they were occupying a portion of land on the Rundu town’s farmland number 1329 without its authorization.

Early last month, the council again ordered the residents settled in the Tuhingireni area along the Trans-Caprivi Highway to stop erecting permanent structures.

In a dramatic turn of events, the town’s mayor Hilka Levi told the gathering, which almost got unruly, that the council has never issued letters to evict the residents, saying such reports were not true.

The mayor explained that as an elected political office-bearer, she will never resort to evicting people without first informing them publicly.

Levi said the council only issued letters to certain residents settled on the eastern side of the Tuhingireni informal settlement for allegedly settling there illegally and putting up permanent structures.

She indicated that there is currently an ongoing court case against such residents, but did not want to dwell on it, saying the court will pronounce itself once the case is finalised.