Rundu Vocational Training Centre Prepares for Career Fair

The Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) is hard at work with plans for the annual open day career fair where current tarinees exhibit their acquired technical skills to the public, along with exhibitions of training fields offered by the training centre to aspiring artisans.

The whole idea is to bring the community together to explore possible opportunities that could benefit young people. “We are planning an open day career fare and everybody in the community, region or country is welcomed to come and see what we are doing here at the centre, what we are offering in other words what we do at the Rundu Vocational Training Centre because some people don’t know what happens here, so we will use this opportunity as an exposure to the community,” says Milton Mwiya, the event organiser.

The exhibition is ideal for secondary schools as this will guide them on what field of study they should go for after Grade 12. “This is a chance for them to prepare as well as for parents who have their children registered at the centre to come and see what their children are doing” says Mwiya.

The career fair event is planned for June 6-9 and it will start with a march in town to sensitise the community for the last time, and we plan to have an open day tournament, as well as a music bash and a beauty pageant of Mr amp Mrs RVTC who will not only be beautiful but will also be given tasks around the region. “There will be free food for people who will visit us during our career fairopen day, what is important is that people come to see what we do here and we are still looking for sponsors as we are still struggling to fund as well as bring things together and whoever feels like giving us a helping hand, is highly welcome,” concludes Mwiya, the event organiser.

The RVTC currently has seven fields of studies on a part-time and full-time basis, Auto electric, Auto mechanic, General electric, Brick layinglastering, Plumbing amp pipe fitting, Office administration and Joinery amp cabinet making. Welding is currently only part-time but plans are underway to offer it full-time.

Source : New Era