RVTC Trainees Start Own Business

The town of Rundu is home to many young entrepreneurs, who prefer to create jobs for themselves and others.

Stephanus Someno (28) and Elias Mukosho (35) are partners and are among the many fledgling young entrepreneurs at Rundu. Like so many other Namibian youths Someno and Mukosho faced the challenge of finding employment after graduating from the Rundu Vocational Training Centre (RVTC). Following many attempts to find employment as radiator and refrigeration technicians, the two were lucky enough to be hired by a local company. They did not go the distance though, because they soon became disenchanted with their employment conditions and low wages and decided to venture out on their own. “We didn’t feel appreciated, so we decided to work together as an independent team,” says Someno. They decided to start their own business and were soon operating from home in the Kehemu settlement of Rundu. The company is called Kavango Radiator and Refrigeration cc. “We started to do air-conditioning installations, gas refills for cars, refrigeration, radiator repairs and replacement and also general electrical work,” Someno says with obvious pride in their accomplishment.

The parthers agree that initially it was a challenge, but with time and hard work and zeal things started happening for them.

“Our business is registered with the Ministry of Trade, Social Security Commission (SSC), and we also have a VAT certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and all the requirements that a business needs to operate legally,” adds Mukosho Elias the other partner. They are currently renting a workshop in town next to the offices of the Kavango Regional Council. “We stopped working from home, because it’s too far from town and our clients. The place we found is temporary just until we get our own. It is better in town because it is easier to get clients,” Mukosho explains.

According to the enterprising partners the main challenge they are facing currently is securing better premises with a better working environment. However, for now they are happy that they are able to put bread on the table.

“Rundu is a very hot area in summer and this business is ideal for us and we see that the number of vehicles is increasing in town, so our radiator business is also doing well,” says Mukosho. “We want the community to support us and we also want to enter an agreement with the government to offer our services. We can service government offices and fix their office air conditioning systems and more.

Through what we do we can provide employment to other fellow Namibians once the business has grown,” Someno adds. The partners also repair appliances such as microwave ovens, electric stoves, in addition to their core business which is to fix broken radiators, refill vehicle air conditioners, cold room installations and repairs.

They can be found in the area between Omashare Lodge and the regional council offices in Rundu.

Source : New Era