Saara’s Exhibit Opens Monday 27 Seconds Ago

Young Namibian artist, Saara Ndinelago Nekomba’s first solo exhibition opens on Monday at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC)’s Restaurant La bonne.

Twenty-eight-years-old Saara was born in the village of Elombe in northern Namibia, but grew up in Windhoek. Having taken afternoon art classes at primary school level, she later went on to study at the John Muafangejo Art Centre in 2007, then moved to the College of the Arts and graduated in 2011 with an Applied Arts Diploma specialising in painting.

Colour is the mainstays of her artistic inspiration, the warm colours of the African landscape, the sunsets and sunrises, the bright textiles on people walking down the road and the vibrant decorative headscarves and beads worn by the women. She will be exhibiting mixed-media paintings were she use beads, textiles and collage. “I attempt to recreate the dance movement of traditional ceremonial dancers from the Aandonga people, the colours of their traditional costumes and some of the decorative beads worn during these dances. The beating of drums and stamping feet give a rhythm to the work that I hope will excite and inspire the viewers”, says Saara about her predominantly abstract artworks.

She adds that her paintings become three dimensional works which are visually interesting, exciting and innovative. “Somehow using these familiar items in the work makes them more accessible to people who otherwise claim that they do not understand art. I enjoy working with women from the community project, and have participated in Visual Artists Namibia workshops spreading creative skills in isolated communities.” The Exhibition closes on June 6.

Source : New Era