SADC Parly Forum gives thumbs up for peace before elections

MALTAHOHE: Election observers from the SADC Parliamentary Forum deployed to the Hardap Region commended the residents here for a peaceful mood before the elections on Friday.

Namibians are gearing up to vote for the party and the president of their choice in less than 24 hours. A total of 45 834 residents in the Hardap Region registered to vote in the upcoming elections. In Maltahöhe, a village in the Daweb constituency, a total of 2 770 voters registered.

The region consists of eight constituencies namely Aranos, Daweb, Gibeon, Mariental Rural, Mariental Urban, Rehoboth Urban East, Rehoboth Urban West, and Rehoboth Rural.

Head of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region delegation and of Team Three, Pedro Sebastiao commended the Acting Station Commander of the Namibian Police in Maltahöhe, Sergeant Paul Gariseb on the peaceful period his team observed since they arrived in the region on Saturday.

“We are happy to report that no incidents of violence were observed during our time here. We are here not to get involved or interfere with the electoral process of Namibia’s general election on Friday, but only to observe,” he noted. The emphasis of his team is to observe and to gather information.

The team visited the village about 110 kilometres east of Mariental to observe the situation hours before the election process takes off.

Sebastiao added that his team remains positive and confident that the elections will go ahead peacefully and as planned by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).

A total of 97 observers were divided into 24 teams and deployed to the 14 regions of the country.

They were trained in, amongst others, election observation methodologies, code of conduct for election observers, the use of the Electoral Voting Machines (EVMs) and SADC’s role in election observations.

Meanwhile, Gariseb indicated that no violence were reported to the police since political parties held rallies in the village.

He said 12 male prisoners and one female inmate will have the opportunity to cast their votes on Friday. A mobile team will visit the police station.

“They will cast their votes here, and everything will go according to plan. Peace and order will prevail during the elections tomorrow,’ Gariseb said.