Salvage underway for sunken boat at Walvis Bay

The salvaging of a floating craft that sunk at the Port of Walvis Bay on Tuesday evening, started on Wednesday.

Also called a tugboat, it is used to maneuver vessels by pushing or towing them in and out of the port.

Suspicions are that the floating craft, named Omanda, hit an object underwater causing it to sink.

Corporate Communications Officer at the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport), Jo-Ann Stevens confirmed the sinking and retrieval process to Nampa on Wednesday.

She could, however, not say what caused the accident, adding that it is still being investigated.

Stevens assured that there is no pollution, loss of life or damage to properties as a result of the sinking.

“We have enough floating crafts to continue our operations as usual, so there is no delay to our operations at all,” she said.