Sam Nujoma Stadium Falling Apart

A section of the open pavilion at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Katutura is on the brink of collapse, putting many spectators in danger.

The stadium with a capacity of 10 300 was inaugurated in 2005 by founding President Dr Sam Nujoma after whom it is named.

About five rows of precast concrete seat slabs on the eastern side of the stadium have moved from their original positions, causing an uneven sitting and walking area – a hazardous situation indeed.

This structural problem only developed after the country hosted the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Women’s Championship.

City of Windhoek spokesperson Joshua Amukugo told this reporter that he was not aware of the matter as it was not brought to his attention, but he said he would look into it.

Windhoek Municipality officials who work at the stadium said the damage was caused by heavy rain earlier this year.

‘The stadium was fine the whole December – the concrete started moving apart only a few weeks ago. The damage was small but it is getting bigger every day. When the games commence this coming weekend, we will put danger plates at that damaged site to stop supporters from using that stand,” said the official who asked not to be named.

The venue will host several Namibia Premier League (NPL) games this weekend.

Approached for comment on the danger it could cause to spectators, NPL chairperson Jonny Doeseb told Nampa on Thursday that he was not aware of the problem, and shortly afterwards stated that it was the Windhoek Municipality’s responsibility to fix whatever is damaged at the stadium.

“We do not own the stadium, we are just using the stadium for games,” he said.

Doeseb then told this agency that “it’s not good practice to report on every little bad thing, because it does not paint a good image about the nation and football in general.”

“My brother, it’s equally our responsibility as administrators and you as a reporter to sometimes avoid giving out negative stories as this will not serve any good. If you saw the stadium is collapsing, why did you not call the higher authorities at the municipality to inform them, rather than focusing on giving bad publicity (to local football),” he said. – Nampa

Source : The Namibian