Samehaling Dorpers Celebratory Auction

The results of the Samehaling Dorper and White Dorper auction that was hosted by Agra on 19 March 2014 at the Samehaling auction pens once again showed why this stud achieved so many successes in the fifty years of existence, which was also celebrated on this day.

More than 100 people attended the event and more than 50 individuals registered for the auction. A total of 91 Dorper rams were sold for an average price of N$8 371. Type 5 rams of both Dorper and White Dorper achieved excellent average prices of N$12 327 and N$13 556 per animal and highest prices of N$25 000 and N$21 000 respectively. Ewes sold for an average of N$1 926 per animal and a highest price of N$3 100.

Results of the auction were as follows:


Flock Rams Average: N$6 225 Highest price: N$7 200

Stud Rams Average: N$7 659 Highest price: N$10 500

Type Five Rams Average: N$12 327 Highest price: N$25 000

Flock Ewes Average: N$1 700 Highest price: N$1 700

Stud Ewes Average: N$1 200 Highest price: N$1 200

Type Five Ewes Average: N$2 757 Highest price: N$3 100

White Dorper

Flock Rams Average: N$6 781 Highest price: N$13 000

Stud Rams Average: N$8 238 Highest price: N$15 500

Type Five Rams Average: N$13 556 Highest price: N$21 000

Flock Ewes Average: N$1 080 Highest price: N$1 200

Stud Ewes Average: N$1 500 Highest price: N$1 500

Type Five Ewes Average: N$2 000 Highest price: N$2 000

The auction was preceded by an information day sharing information on the history of Samehaling and small stock husbandry presentations by two veterinary experts as well as a motivational talk by local farmer Lenn de Jager. At this event van Schalkwyk emphasised good relationships and long term partnerships with businesses and role players in the industry, as key factors to success. He expressed his appreciation for the inputs of their financial institution and agricultural businesses such as Agra in their farming business and the long way they could have journeyed up to now.

Lenn de Jager motivated farmers to focus on the things we have control over, such as combating bush encroachment, pasture management and predator control instead of worrying about things we can’t control. He also stated the importance of good labour relations and letting workers share in the prosperity of the enterprise.

The celebratory event and auction was concluded with a dinner, serving of steaks sponsored by Agra. Written by Staff Reporter

Source : New Era